Non-Standard custom Electrical Hoist with wireless remote control

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Electrical Hoist have a small,compact,light weight and cool design,use single phase power supply,quickly and easily operates,easy to install,security,reliability and widely using.Ideal lifting tools for DIY, warehouses, garages, farms, hunting, engine repair shops, machine shops, restaurants, AD boards hold, show and home improvement etc,also perfect for loading and unloading heavy items from trucks and trailers.

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Committed to providing cost-effective products with reliable quality and good performance

A professional manufacturer of electric hoists, it inherits the advanced German concept, perfect technological process and strictly quality management, and is committed to providing cost-effective products with reliable quality and good performance. The company's products mainly include ST electric chain hoists, SH electric wire rope hoists,


No matter the size of your cleanroom, crane hoists always play a crucial role. A cleanroom hoist can carry materials that are too heavy to lift or move manually, and form the basis of any crane.


Hoists Direct offers many different brands, capacities, lifts, and options for electric chain hoists.  Electric chain hoists offer the best option for lifting 5-tons or less. 


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Service Borderless,STERCRANE In action

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