Electric hoist with remote control

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  • Remote control with power up/power down
  • Weighted lift hook
  • Sheaved pulley lift hook for dual line operation
  • Durable braided steel cable

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Electric hoist is a parallel C-type structure,  the reel device is arranged in parallel with the motor by reducer, Make hoist short, the limit size is small, the structure is compact, and the force position is good, Provides space convenience for the installation and maintenance of the motor reducer, It equipped with overload limiter,  loss voltage protection, phase out protection, precise upper and lower limit, count of usage times, real-time storage of running information, status information, etc. This series of electric hoists have higher safety and reliability, and greatly reduce.



Committed to providing cost-effective products with reliable quality and good performance

A professional manufacturer of electric hoists, it inherits the advanced German concept, perfect technological process and strictly quality management, and is committed to providing cost-effective products with reliable quality and good performance. The company's products mainly include ST electric chain hoists, SH electric wire rope hoists, SDR electric clean room hoists, explosion-proof electric hoists, flexible beam light cranes, cantilever cranes and crane components, which are widely used in equipment manufacturing, automobile industry, transportation and logistics, Energy industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding and many other fields.

St Style Eletric hoist

You’ll find an impressive selection of electric hoists to help you safely handle heavy lifting no matter what environment you are working in. electric chain hoists can lift heavy loads with the push of a button. high-volume handling in steel warehousing, machine shops, fabricating plants, mills and foundries. Choose from a variety of electric chain hoists—hook-mounted for cleanrooms, food-grade use, and theater use; plus motorized trolley, geared trolley and push trolley chain hoists. Electric wire rope hoists are great for more intense environments like steel service, foundry, and raw material production facilities. Recommended for jobs that require extra heavy lifting and multiple lift points. Get your electric motorized hoists and accessories 


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Free Technical Training

According to your needs, we will provide you with free technical training; including on-site training during installation and commissioning.


Lifetime maintenance service

The warranty is 12 months, and the lifetime maintenance service exceeds the warranty period, and the material cost and maintenance fee are reasonably charged to the user.

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